Discovery Maths Activity

Grade 5/6 children were given an investigative maths task ” Create a Shoebox for my Jimmy Choo’s.” This task created a lot of confusion and scratching of heads. The task was open ended and required the children to THINK and PROBLEM SOLVE with out being given formula’s and instructions. As the task progressed there were ‘ahhh’s” and ” That worked ”  as the nets of objects were discovered , using length x width and using the correct unit of measurement.

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Bus note

Bus note – Maranatha

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Missing you all ….

Hello Lovely 5/6R,

I am missing you all very much and am very frustrated that I am still not well. I hope you are all okay and I haven’t passed this nasty virus on to anyone else. (I have shared it with Mrs.Ferris so she is lying in bed cursing me ) I am so very proud of the Newcombe Team for their wonderful result. The best thing about all of you is not that you won but that you are all such wonderful team players. I have noticed all term that you pass the ball and congratulate each other and the opposing team. You are winner’s in that regard FIRST, anything else is icing on the cake!
I will not be in tomorrow so make sure you are the polite and helpful class you always are. Please hand in homework and I will send Miss .Copestake the program for tomorrow.
I hope you all made your wonderful Dad’s feel special, either by sharing the day, remembering the wonderful things they have done for you and how blessed you are to have them now, or in your memories.
Much Love,

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This weeks homework is due on MONDAY 8TH SEPTEMBER.

Soundwaves Unit 21 FROM Question 6.
Answer FIVE of your human body ” I wonder ” questions.
Find 10 weird and quirky facts about the human body.

Any work that you have not completed in class will be sent home as homework to be returned the following day.

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Nominations for School Captain.

If you would like to nominate yourself to be School Captain for 2014 you are required to write a short speech detailing why you feel you would make a great School Captain for St.Brigid’s. You will deliver this speech next Monday Ist September to the whole 5/6 class and Mr.Gale, Mr.O’Bryan and Mrs.Rose. We will be looking for people who embody the attributes of St.Brigids – Faith, Knowledge, Hospitality and Strength. As School Captain you will be required to speak at school assemblies, represent the school at events outside the school, greet visitors and parents and many other opportunities.

You will need to submit you nomination speech to Mrs.Rose NO LATER than Friday 29th August before school.
If you are in grade six you can submit a nomination, it doesn’t matter if you have a school leader role already.
It is not a POPULARITY contest !! Our School Captains, one boy and one girl will be voted for on the above criteria.

Good Luck, we are excited to hear from our prospective leaders.

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Book Lovers

We had a FABULOUS time at this years ‘Book Week’ celebrations. Everyone joined in the fun and the costumes were fantastic. From Mr.Gale as Peter Pan to a tiny Pinocchio we all paraded around the hall and joined in fun activities. A HUGE thank you to Mrs.Ahern, Mrs.Waters and Mrs.Cook for their hard work in planning Book Week and creating an opportunity for the school community to purchase such lovely books. Personally I was so impressed by the level of involvement from staff and students. It makes an event such as this even more special.

Thank you to the Mums who organised the sausage sizzle for lunch. You may not want to see another sausage for a very long time but we all appreciate your effort !

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Book Week was a BLAST !

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A message for 5/6RRRRRR

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Reminders for Week Four !

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Project – Gold Rush

Click to download -> INQUIRY PROJECT 2014 – PDF COPY

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