Missing you all ….

Hello Lovely 5/6R,

I am missing you all very much and am very frustrated that I am still not well. I hope you are all okay and I haven’t passed this nasty virus on to anyone else. (I have shared it with Mrs.Ferris so she is lying in bed cursing me ) I am so very proud of the Newcombe Team for their wonderful result. The best thing about all of you is not that you won but that you are all such wonderful team players. I have noticed all term that you pass the ball and congratulate each other and the opposing team. You are winner’s in that regard FIRST, anything else is icing on the cake!
I will not be in tomorrow so make sure you are the polite and helpful class you always are. Please hand in homework and I will send Miss .Copestake the program for tomorrow.
I hope you all made your wonderful Dad’s feel special, either by sharing the day, remembering the wonderful things they have done for you and how blessed you are to have them now, or in your memories.
Much Love,

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6 Responses to Missing you all ….

  1. Cohen, JOSH says:


    • mr3782 says:

      Yippee ! Well done guys, and I’m sorry I didn’t mention you I did not know that you had also won. What a fantastic effort from St.B’s !

  2. Tiarnah says:

    So now I know where I got my virus! 🙂

  3. Teagan says:

    I hope you feel better soon Mrs Rose

    Teagan 4/5F

  4. mr3782 says:

    Thank you sweetie, I do feel a lot better. It was a nasty virus but all on the mend.

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