Book Week was a BLAST !

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  1. Kayla O'C says:

    Book week was so fun!

    • mr3782 says:

      Bonjour Natasha , what a huge journey you have had. I have always wanted to go to Abu Daubi it seems like it would fascinating to be surrounded by so many people from different cultures.My friend was there a few months ago and it was 40 degree’s , so you have cooler weather 🙂 I hope you have had a huge sleep and are now out investigating Paris ! You missed dissections today ( lucky you ) and there were quite a few people who felt very very queasy , yes that was me ! It was a gorgeous day today,foggy then 20 degree’s. You win though , can’t wait for some photo’s. We miss you xxx Mrs.R

  2. amy says:

    haha my face, i could barely see because the sun was so bright. but book week was so fun!! 🙂

  3. Teagan says:

    I loved your costume Mrs Rose it looked so alike to the wolf or was it the wolf……..

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