Sovereign Hill 2014

We have returned home after a wonderful camp where we braved the elements , yesterday hit a low of 4 degrees by mid afternoon with chill factor about zero ! We all kept warm by visiting the wonderful exhibits and activities on offer at Sovereign Hill. As you can see from our photo gallery we have had so much fun,meeting the resident animals, experiencing travel by coach and horse , devouring hot chocolate in the Sovereign Hill Cafe and panning for gold. No-one struck it rich but the effort to extract a tiny piece of gold was an eye opener for everyone. A huge THANK-YOU to Mark, Peter , Jacqui and Tammy for your wonderful care and patience with all the children. Without hesitation you alternatively put cold flannels on the foreheads of kids with upset tummies, dislodged rings forced over fingers too big , broke up the chatter at 3 am and rescued the stragglers .We absolutely loved having you on camp and each and everyone of the staff and children send our thanks 🙂

We are SO proud of our St.Brigid’s children for their beautiful manners and joy in all they experienced. I was told many, many times how lovely our children are and how polite. You have definitely lived up the the spirit of St.Brigid’s. We send a huge WELL DONE to our lovely children who were anxious about camp and missing home. They were supported by their beautiful friends and classmates and reassured and comforted without fail. We are all VERY ,VERY proud of you xx

Thank you Cooper for the lovely photo !


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4 Responses to Sovereign Hill 2014

  1. Tiarnah says:

    Camp was DA BOMB!!! thank you for all the time and effort that went into it, we really appreciate it.

  2. Teagan says:

    Thank you for planning Camp for all of us and I had a jolly time 🙂

  3. Olivia Ralph says:

    Love camp although it was cold. I loved when we got to see inside a gold mine

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